I'm Even. I'm a non-binary writer and dramaturg. I'm fascinated by the dancing body, the spiritual body, the animal body and our shared ancestry with other cellular lifeforms. I aim to create cultures of rest, play and experimentation. My practice is informed by trans and eco feminist traditions. I'm committed to a lifelong process of unlearning white supremacy. The questions I'm working with at the moment include:

  • How to give myself permission to rest?  
  • How to stay soft in a hostile world? How to both persist and surrender?
  • How to un-do workaholism?

Together with performance artist and educator  Ana Teo Ala-Ruona we form a nonbinary duo who write, make performances and speculative fiction based on trans and ecofeminist thought.

I'm also part of a community of artists organizers poets makers and thinkers at Poimu, a feminist and antiracist space on the borderline of Vallila and Itä-Pasila, Helsinki, Finland:


At the moment I'm taking a break from work.