About me

photo: Petra Minn

I'm a writer and dramaturg working in the fields of contemporary art and performance. My practice is informed by somatics, queer feminism and ecofeminism. In my work I aim to create cultures of rest, play and experimentation. I'm fascinated by the dancing body, the spiritual body, the animal body and our shared ancestry with other cellular lifeforms.

As a dramaturg I'm process-oriented. Every time I work with a different piece, I need to adjust myself and search for the tools, questions and frameworks that would serve the work in question. I try to get a feel for the particular DNA of that work and gather feedback that enables the working group to get closer to the core of what they are creating. When we work from a place of mutual respect, we can create spaces for thinking together.

My background is in animation, illustration and graphic design and I take on commissioned work from time to time. Drawing is my first language.

On most days I work at Poimu, a feminist and antiracist space in Helsinki: https://poimuspace.wordpress.com

On Mondays I teach creative writing at Helmi: https://mielenterveyshelmi.fi/

I love the internet but I have a kind of love/hate relationship with social media. Anyway. Sometimes I post stories here: instagram