Elina Minn

Dramaturg working in performance, writing and visual arts

Based in Helsinki

Contact: elinaminn@gmail.com

Latest work

Hydra 2018

A speculative fiction of the future body.

There is a vibration in our cells anticipating our future bodily states. Experience yourself as a human-sponge-hybrid in the Hydra symbiont hatchery. The performance consists of bodywork including touch.

Initiator of the project: Elina Minn
Working group: Elina Minn, Ronja Louhivuori, Markus Lindén, Eeti Piiroinen, Pauliina Sjöberg

Premiere: 5.6.2019 Theatre Academy at University of the Arts Helsinki
photo: Sanni Siira

Aliens, Mothers, Gorillas 2017

How to make a compost as a way of resisting linear cultures and narratives
How to commit to the constant undoing of built-in approaches that are harming you
Instead of always blasting into new spaces in the spirit of conquest
How to commit to taking care of what is already there
How to take care of others, how to think of family in an extended sense
How to be a mother, in a sense, without actually biologically giving birth
How to do that in a concrete way
How to commit to acts of collaborative healing
Instead of fighting invisible enemies in space
How to commit to these stories

Writer and performer: Elina Minn

Performance: 6/2017 Sorbus Galleria
photo: Antti Ahonen


Voyeur 2017

I look at you looking at me looking at you looking at me. Where does your gaze end and where does mine begin? The gaze is not something one has, it is the relationship into which someone enters. Voyeur is a performance on looking, bodily presence, the act of looking. Voyeur blurs the distinctions between performer and spectator opening up a space for encounters.

Initiator of the project: Joel Neves
Working group: Matilda Aaltonen, Riikka Karjalainen, Heta Keskinarkaus, Tuija Lappalainen, Heidi Lehtoranta, Iisa Lepistö, Anders Lillhonga, Janna Loukas, Teo Mattila, Klaus Maunuksela, Elina Minn, Joel Neves, Ilana Palmgren, Joonas Pernilä, Eeti Piiroinen, Pinja Poropudas, Judith Regwan, Aura Savolainen, Pauliina Sjöberg, Ronja Syvälahti

Ensi-ilta: pe 22.9.2017 Theatre Academy at University of the Arts Helsinki
photo: Sanni Siira

Avatar - I am here from the future 2017

An avatar visits from the future, borrowing the body of a participant.
A discussion on Post-Fossil futures follows.
Read about the project here

Working group: Elina Minn, Joel Neves, Emil Uuttu, Tuomas Vaahtoluoto

Performance: April 2017
FlexSpace at SAIC School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Äitini on alien, 2018

"Being an alien mother looks like a lot of work"

Radio essay for YLE Radio.
On air: 14.10.2018
(in Finnish only!)
YLE Radio

Solullistumisen kokemuksesta, 2018

"What is it like to live in this body, at this time?"

Article on ecosomatics and embodiment for Mustarinda Magazine.
(in Finnish only!)
Read article

Jackie, 2017

"Approaching them
You open with an unusual symbiosis of nutmeg, vetiver and lotus.
Your sweat mixes with the whiskey of your sins.
You close with a warm base of amber and fir."

Short story for Jackie restaurant.

I am also available for freelance visual design, illustration and animation work.
Please visit my graphic portfolio: elinaminn.tumblr.com